Our Privacy Policy

At Flex Appeal Gym we will keep certain information about you for our record. We will keep your Address, Telephone Number, Email Address, Date Of Birth, Name of GP, Name of GP’s Practice, Emergency Contact, Emergency Contact Telephone Number, and information about medical health and history.

We keep this information so that we can contact you if we need to and so that we have a record of all our current and past members. We will keep this information indefinitely unless you ask the we delete it.

We will keep this information in hard copy (Par-Q) in a locked filing cabinet. Also we use external company's to store information on members. We use Club Manager, Harlands Group PLC and Debit Finance Collections PLC. All of these companies also comply with the new GDPR laws and legislations.

We have also signed contracts with all these companies that outline that your private and personal information is being stored in accordance to the updated GDPR rules.

We have minimal processes that your information will go through, we will simply keep the only copy of your Par Q and store it in a locked filling cabinet, any online information we store about you will be password protected and only viewed our edited by trained staff here at Flex Appeal Gym.

You can find the GDPR Policies from our External Membership Companies here;

Debit Finance Collections PLC: https://www.debitfinance.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/

Club Manager: https://secure.clubmanagercentral.com/DataPrivacy.mvc/PrivacyPolicy

Harlands Group PLC: https://www.harlandsaccountants.co.uk/privacy-policy/

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